Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are limitless.

Organizations can efficiently utilize business and customer data, cloud intelligence, AI-guided insights, automation, dashboards, reports, etc. to improve business outcomes and make meaningful business decisions.

In an era where competition is more progressed, implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM  makes sense for your organization. Therefore, finding a suitable and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner is equally important for a successful deployment.

Right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner can bring about sweeping changes to the growth in all aspects of your business, including revenue, customer relationships, and productivity. They even complete their task within your budget, project guidelines and time frame.

Therefore, when it comes to achieving your business goals with Microsoft D365, you must place importance to the selection of D365 implementation partner.

Choosing the right technology partner is key and you must consider various factors

What are the key factors to consider while choosing Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner?


Technical knowledge

The first thing to consider when choosing a partner is their technical knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Have a discussion with your department heads, come to a conclusion on what goals are to be achieved and share with your Microsoft partner.

They help you choose the right D365 solution that fit your requirements and get you through the implementation process with necessary integration, customization and support. Technical expertise is crucial as it is the determining factor in the deployment.


One important criteria that is relevant in choosing Microsoft Partner is the competency. Depending on the expertise, Microsoft differentiates partners into Gold, Silver and Member categories.

This represents the number of successful implementations conducted across various industries. So, when selecting the partner, always give priority to  Microsoft Gold certified partners.


It is important for everyone to be precise on the project deadlines and the expected outcomes. You don’t want a partner who unnecessarily extend the project and don’t involve your team in the implementation process. Good and reliable D365 partners keep a good rapport with you throughout the Microsoft D365 implementation process. Transparency plays an important role in the success of the project.

Proper communication

There has to be open communication with your team and implementation partner. You need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner who communicates well throughout each phase of the implementation process. They will understand your needs, understand the changes that need to be made and move forward with changes that will benefit your business. You and your team will get an idea about where the process is heading.

The advantage with the reliable partners is that they never leave on the dark and will address your pain points. They ensure the project will generate the outcome you desire. Ensure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner communicates properly from the start to end.

Customization capability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accommodate customization. When you plan to use Dynamics 365, ensure your partner can customize the solution to meet your business requirements. Enquire about the customization capability of the partner you choose. Customization will improve the system’s functionality and bring more benefits.


The partner you choose must be able to scale Dynamics 365 application to accommodate your growing business needs. This helps you fulfill your demand now and into the future. Assess if your partner follows a top-class implementation approach that can respond to market demands.

Ask them if the solution going to be deployed will work now and in the future. Have an open discussion with your teams and clear the doubt on the scalability of the solution you adopt.


Find a partner who can offer you the best suggestions to improve business health. Experienced partners provides you guidance that ensure fruitful outcomes. They suggest add-ons (Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-ons or third-party apps) that work best for your Dynamics 365 application.

When you team up with experienced  Microsoft Partner, you can guarantee a successful and smooth Dynamics 365 implementation.


Post implementation support is a critical element. You need to ensure from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner that they provide support for any glitches arise while in use. Also ensure the solution works as expected to achieve the business goals.

Your business should not suffer if there is a system problem. Therefore you need to know if your partner can provide support to identify and rectify issues to keep your system running fine.

Cost-effective implementation

You need to find out your partners can offer you a cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. It should be known in advance whether there will be additional expenses other than the fixed amount or not. Depending on your rising needs, additional costs may be incurred, but you must have an idea on the cost by discussing with them.

Implementation Strategy

You should know the methodology that the implementation partner is going to adopt. An experienced and efficient Dynamics 365 implementation partner must have a proven and clear-cut methodology to ensure a successful Dynamics 365 implementation. Their methodology will have a impact on your business outcomes. Experienced teams will evaluate, frame out plan, identify your business goals, conduct review, and roll out.

Ask these things when selecting your D365 partner

  • Do they have experience working for companies like yours?
  • Will they provide constant support?
  • How many years of experience do they have in the implementation process?
  • What is the track record for the Microsoft D365 implementation?
  • Does they have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certified professionals?

When you team up with an experienced  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner like LITS SERVICES, you’re choosing someone who can help you leverage the full capabilities of Dynamics 365, not just the implementation.


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