As technological advancements bring major changes to the way business works, it is important to adopt advanced solutions to significantly transform your business operations.

Among the leading companies offering innovative business solutions, Microsoft is leading the way.

Dynamics 365, an innovative technology from Microsoft, can transform your business processes, from sales to marketing, customer service, finance, supply chain, and more.

Many leading organizations worldwide are switching to Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM to make their business operations smooth, effective, and productive.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications for managing business processes such as sales, marketing, customer service, finance, supply chain, human resources, and project operations.

Adopting an integrated Dynamics 365 solution can be of immense help for your business. With the many benefits the solution offers, along with AI, automation, reporting and analytics capabilities, it is no wonder that Dynamics 365 has become a trusted business management solution for numerous small and medium-sized businesses.

In this article, we highlight 5 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business management.

As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the capabilities your business needs to thrive in the modern environment. From consolidating business data to streamlining core business functions, analytics, reporting, artificial intelligence, automation and more, D365 comes with a host of in-built features to modernize your business operations.

1)     Data Integration

“Dynamics 365 removes data silos by connecting various data together.”

Data integration means a lot to businesses. D365 brings your data together from various data sources and provides a unified view of data. Having a unified view of data allows sales, finance, and other departments to access relevant data to run their processes smoothly.

Some of the benefits of data integration includes:

  • Departments can have access to accurate data.
  • Eliminates data redundancy, helping to improve operational efficiency.
  • Allows departments to make informed decisions.
  • Improves personalized engagement with customers.

2)     Comprehensive Suite

“Effectively connects various core business functions.”

Dynamics 365 is a business management software that connects business processes such as finance, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, customer service, planning, HR management, assembly management, and more.

The seamless connection of processes eliminates the need for implementing standalone software solutions. D365 provides features and tools to coordinate various processes and ensures smooth data flow between departments for increased efficiency.

D365 offers many benefits to organizations including:

  • Improves operational efficiency by integrating various business processes.
  • Centralized data management ensures data consistency and accuracy.
  • Better analytics and reporting with unified view of data.
  • Built-in collaboration and communication tools.
  • Being a cloud-based solution reduces infrastructure costs.


3)     Microsoft Integration

“D365 integrates with Microsoft productivity tools.”

Dynamics 365 seamlessly works with Microsoft productivity tools such as Office 365, Power Platform, SharePoint and other third-party apps and systems.

Integration helps you improve communication and collaboration, expand specific process functionality, automate business processes to reduce manual efforts, create custom business apps, and more.

Integration offers several benefits including:

  • Make collaboration and communication simple and efficient within and outside business.
  • Reduces manual jobs with process automation, enabling users to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Analytics integration helps you get insights from your business data.
  • Seamlessly manage customer interactions directly via Outlook.
  • Ensures advanced security and compliance with Azure integration.

4)     Cloud-based Deployment

“Cloud-based deployment brings significant advantages.”

Cloud-based deployment reduces the overhead of maintaining technical aspects of on-premises infrastructure management. Moreover, enterprises can seamlessly run their business without any troubles, ensuring business continuity. In the cloud deployment option, Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure including storage, data center, connectivity, updates, and security.

In addition, enterprises can access Microsoft Cloud AI (artificial intelligence), data recovery and backup service. This ensures that your business runs without any trouble in the event of unforeseen situations and your business data is always secured.

  • Access to cloud intelligence.
  • Use D365 from anywhere using your mobile device.
  • Automatic updates, Microsoft security, and backups.
  • D365 easily accommodates your growing business needs and users.
  • Remote work flexibility.
  • No IT overheads, reducing infrastructure costs.


5)     Analytics and reporting

“Gain valuable insights about your business performance.”

Dynamics 365 comes with built-in analytics and reporting capabilities to provide you with insights into your business operations. Data analytics techniques bring together your business data, perform analytics and identify trends, user behavior, customer interests, business health and more.

However, reporting capabilities empower users to create detailed reports to track performance, goals and make informed decisions.

Power BI integration helps you truly unleash the power of analytics and reporting.


  • Analytics and reporting help to make informed decisions.
  • Helps you identify areas where improvements are needed.
  • Analyze existing and historical data to identify market trends and customer trends.
  • Helps you reduce potential risks and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Provides insights that enable you to streamline business operations and identify underlying issues.

These 5 reasons make Microsoft Dynamics 365 a unique solution for managing business effectively. When it specifically comes to a business management solution from Microsoft, it is Dynamics 365 ERP which is Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated software solution that includes the modules for managing sales, finance, manufacturing, service, purchasing, inventory, warehouse, and more.

Adopting Dynamics 365 Business Central with LITS SERVICES is a strategic move you take to drive business towards success. As an experienced Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner in UAE, we help you thrive in the ever-changing market, and outperform your competitors through proper deployment of D365 Business Central and other Microsoft solutions


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