Retail Businesses need to adapt innovative ways to remain competitive in the changing business landscape, particularly during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic period. For a business, ensuring a positive customer experience is a necessary element to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Now, most retailers are extending the retail management with the focus to improve customer satisfaction through better understanding, optimize and streamline retail business operations and boost revenue. Having a comprehensive retail management solution that efficiently covers your retail needs and delivers personalized experience to customers is vital for your business. The ability to resolve all challenges faced by retail business and its comprehensive features to improve operational efficiency has made LITS RETAIL one of the best retail solutions in UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA and other GCC countries. 

How LITS RETAIL can benefit for your business?  

User-friendly interface: The challenge retailers often face with the conventional ERP systems is about the ease of use. LITS RETAIL ERP features a well-designed user-friendly interface that allows users to easily interact and improve efficiency. The solution supports a range of language options which makes it easy for anyone to manage the system.  

Mobile POS: Customers always expect an outstanding shopping experience each time they purchase. Your sales associate with a Mobile POS system can go to the customer side and process sales transactions. This makes your customers feel more convenient and comfortable, allowing you to develop cordial relationships with customers, expand your sales footprint, decrease customer waiting time and more.  

Kitting functionality: LITS RETAIL is enriched with an extremely useful ecommerce tool called the kitting functionality. It enables your business to combine separate but related items together to provide a better user experience. For example, when your customer searches for a computer, they will find different products related to computer such as mouse, keyboard, USB etc. 

Account Management: The account management module in the LITS Retail management system helps you manage your finance and accounting processes. Using this module, you can monitor the number of sales transactions, generate invoices and receipts, look for payment history, settlements,

and more. The solution provides insights into your business finance performance.  

Layaway Sales: LITS Retail management system supports layaway sales. This purchasing method allows for a customer to pay a deposit on a product, and they can take the product later once the full payment is done. Layaway capability ensures your customer will get the product they have chosen. This helps customers with limited income who struggle to purchase in one go.  

Variable Pricing: LITS Retail solution allows you to change the price of a product based on the current supply and demand levels. This allows you to offer a variety of price points in different locations or point of sale. This is a useful tool for online sales that your retail business can take advantage of.  

Refund Management: Refund management capability allows you to manage, track refunds through digital means. The automation helps you save from the time-consuming refund process, allowing you to focus on things that matters most.  

Inventory Management: The retail management system provides details on current stock levels and identifies additional stocks needed to smoothly operate business. The reporting and analytics capabilities never let you run out of in-sale stock and helps you make informed decisions such as stock ordering, sales promotions and more. Moreover, you can have a real-time view of your inventory. This helps you fulfill your customer demands always. You can make necessary editing in your stock levels through the system.  

HR Management: The HR management capability helps you track the performance of your employees and manage various HR related activities including employee recruitment, training and development, payroll management, attendance and leave management and more.  

Get the retail solution of your choice from LITS SERVICES 

LITS Retail from LITS SERVICES is a complete retail management system that offers you features and capabilities to manage your retail processes and foster business growth. The easy deployment options, and the integration capabilities makes LITS Retail a smarter choice for today’s retail environment. Businesses of all sizes can implement the system and moreover, the system can be customized to meet their business needs. LITS SERVICES provides LITS Retail implementation, support, and training to customers across the globe. As a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, and India, our professionals extend a more customized solution by integrating Microsoft products with LITS Retail solution.