Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Companies often face challenges when solving customer issues, the first time. To help service agents reach a broad customer base and respond more quickly to customer’s problems, organizations need to adopt advanced solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service enables your field executives to deliver improved service in field service roles and elevate customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Field Service is an intelligent field service business app in the Dynamics 365 family designed to help organizations deliver better service to customers. It enables frontline workers to deliver a proactive service that helps them detect and solve issues before they become major problems.

At LITS SERVICES, we have transformed many companies across industries with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Improve customer experience by delivering proactive service

Delivering best customer experience would be the top priority for any field service business. Customers expect service to be completed in quickly. Dynamics 365 Field Service enables field service agents to quickly respond to issues and solve them in quick time. This not only increases first-time fix rates but also improves customer satisfaction and boosts up their confidence in your business.

Take advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps you choose the right technician to the customer site using the AI-enabled scheduling. This ensures the customer issues will be responded to and resolved in a proper manner. The app allows you to better manage resources, i.e., you can leverage the schedule board and interactive map to assign the technician available at the nearest location.

Resource schedule optimization

Resource schedule optimization automatically assigns the job to the people best equipped to complete the task. It automatically schedules work orders to field service experts, cases to customer service representatives and all. The app ensures that each field technician has the up-to-date information about the asset data.

Empower field service executives

Use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and mixed reality tools with Dynamics 365 Field Service to assist frontline workers with step-by-step procedures while resolving any technical issues. This helps you deliver an immersive experience to your customers. Remote collaboration capability in Remote Assist allows your technicians to have real-time consultation with experts, helping them solve problems quickly.

Enhance customer satisfaction

With self-service appointment scheduling and technician location information, the app helps you meet customer expectations and thus customer satisfaction. Customers will get an idea when their issues will be resolved. The automated customer surveys help you gain customer insights. Using the insights your technicians can improve the delivery of the service to customers.

If your focus is to improve customer experience through better on-site service, then Dynamics 365 Field Service is the perfect fit. As the recognized Microsoft Gold Partner, LITS SERVICES has profound expertise in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. Our Dynamics 365 Consultants deploy Dynamics 365 Field Service in accordance with your business requirements and preferences. We provide training and support for users to become proficient in the use of application. Make your business successful with the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 providers in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Pakistan, and India.

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