Today’s consumers expect their shopping experiences to be seamless through the medium they prefer. To stay competitive in the volatile market, it is important for retail businesses to deliver outstanding experiences to customers. Here the importance of omnichannel commerce strategy comes into play.

Surviving in the modern sales environment is vital. You need to meet customers on current and emerging channels. So, to meet customer expectations and deliver new purchasing experiences, it makes sense to rely on the most powerful unified commerce platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce makes omnichannel commerce possible across traditional and emerging channels. It makes customer transactions simple, easy, and flexible. It also allows your business to meet customers where they are, pay the way they want and return goods through their preferred channels.

Look at how Dynamics 365 Commerce enhance customer purchasing experiences

Seamless customer journeys

Customers always expect a friction-free purchasing experience. So, it is important to provide the best experience at every stage of their purchasing journey. A bad experience on a customer journey can cause customers to switch to another retailer or brand.

Dynamics 365 Commerce can connect all activities – from payments to returns – in the customer journey, both online and in-store. This helps you deliver a more connected purchasing experience. Moreover, this increases visibility across all channels, enhances customer retention rates, brings new customers, and helps you gain insights.

Personalized experiences

Customers will turn their faces away from bad experiences. So, it is crucial for your business to create excellent customer experiences across every interaction. Customers spend more time in your store when they get personalized experience. This leads to positive customer experiences, as well as enhancing customer spending by large percent.

Connected systems

To make omnichannel commerce a reality, successful payment integration is important. Traditional payment gateways involve monotonous processes for payment authorization and completion. This may affect customer experience to a greater extent.

Dynamics 365 Commerce works seamlessly with a variety of payment providers. Microsoft’s natively integrated payment system (Adyen) connects to universally accepted payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, and others. This delivers flawless payments across online, in-store channels and mobile.


Create seamless experiences today with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Instead of relying on disconnected business applications, deploy Dynamics 365 Commerce to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences to customers. No matter how customers like to purchase, you can provide the best experience to customers both in-store and online.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 commerce is embedded with intelligent and powerful features to empower your workforce and operations. With AI-driven recommendations, you can strengthen personalized customer engagements across all channels.

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