Over the past several years, the workplace has undergone significant changes, with many organizations adopting hybrid work models, leading to increased attention on the term “Employee Experience” (EX).

What is Employee Experience, and why is it important now?

Employee experience can be considered as the experiences employees have during their tenure within an organization.

In the modern workplace, fostering a positive employee experience is vital for enhanced engagement and productivity. Employees have higher expectations for employer support, seeking a comfortable and joyful work environment that facilitates skill development. Quality employee experience empowers individuals to make a positive impact within their workplace.

Are you looking for ways to strengthen employee communication and connection?

“Microsoft Viva can help you”

Leveraging Microsoft Via can help you enhance the employee experience while fostering trust, collaboration, and communication. This, in turn, can elevate employee retention, efficiency, morale, and even the overall work culture within your business.

Transform employee experience

Designed for the hybrid work era, Microsoft Viva energizes employees by providing insights, connections, and purpose to their work. This employee platform aids organizations in reducing onboarding time, enhancing productivity, and lowering employee attrition rates.

Moreover, Viva Plus, an extension of Microsoft Viva, empowers employee communication and fosters strong connections within the organization.

With Viva Pulse, managers and team leaders can receive confidential feedback about their team’s experience within the workflow.

It lets employees speak up and share what is working and what is not with their managers. It also assists managers in addressing the employee’s requirements by offering suggested learning and actions on relevant topics. This empowers them to make intelligent and impactful decisions that boost employee productivity.

In short Viva Plus app can

  • Enhance employee communication
  • Helps to identify employee needs
  • Offers recommended learning resources and insights
  • Increase productivity
  • Strengthen employee engagement
  • Equip managers with valuable data

Improve employee communication and connection

Team unity can be tough in the hybrid work model. Also, employees might not interact much outside their work group. So, it is crucial for organizations to bring back that social connection. They must ensure there is a reliable way to connect and communicate, regardless of where employees are working.

Viva Engage app makes sure everyone stays in the loop with seamless communication and digital communities, allowing people connect through virtual events, digital communication, chat tools, and more.

The Leadership Corner feature in Viva Engage enables leaders to engage in constructive communication with employees. It fosters open dialogues and feedback across teams through news, surveys, Ask Me Anything (AMA), and more. It allows them to make informed decisions and use intuitive dashboards to monitor live employee sentiment.

Viva Amplify serves as a content management portal enabling you to create and publish messages or content across various distribution platforms, reaching different departments effectively. You can publish messages to SharePoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or Viva, as well as plan future communications and manage campaigns from a central hub.

Microsoft Viva nurtures a learning culture among employees by offering learning tools throughout their tenure with the company, facilitating their continuous development and success.

The integration of Viva’s Learning with LinkedIn further enhances the learning experience, providing a seamless platform for employees. The technology leverages the organization’s internal knowledge and experience to amplify learning growth.

In Microsoft Viva, the new experience known as “Answers” matches employee questions to the appropriate answers. Utilizing AI, Answers suggest relevant topics and highlights the corresponding solutions.

“People” feature in Viva helps employees explore connections and experts across their enterprise. The feature is available through Microsoft 365 or a separate app. It unlocks information across employee’s knowledge, interests, and goals to improve collaboration and build team.

Microsoft is committed to developing new features to improve sales, marketing, and customer service departments. Microsoft Viva Sales automates data entry tasks within the CRM system and streamlining sales-related activities.

Microsoft Viva highlights

  • Promote a more inclusive work culture that encourages discussions, keeps employees informed with news, and fosters shared interests.
  • Viva Connections links individuals to your enterprise, regardless of their location.
  • Viva Engage facilitates the development of meaningful relationships in the workplace by providing a space for employees to connect and express themselves.
  • Viva Insights transforms data into actionable insights with analytics and employee feedback, empowering employees to succeed
  • Viva Purpose empowers employees to prioritize their tasks and align with organizational goals, ensuring teams comprehend objectives and work accordingly.
  • Viva Learning equips employees with the essential information and knowledge they need to succeed in their work.
  • Viva Topics automatically organizes content and knowledge, making it effortlessly accessible and easy to find.

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