Meeting customer demand today is more challenging than ever before. Businesses need to ensure that the right products are available in the right place and at the right time. To ensure these businesses require intelligent planning and a real-time understanding of processes and abilities.  

Today’s manufacturing businesses need advanced solutions to plan strategically, streamline processes and achieve production targets on a persistent basis. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply chain is what today’s manufacturing businesses need.  

Businesses striving to improve planning and demand forecasting can count on the ability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Partners 

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How can Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management help you meet customer demands? 


Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’s planning capabilities help businesses to improve resource planning and production. Demand forecasting enables you to anticipate needs whereas the planning tools make sure you have the right resources – machinery, humans, and raw materials- to fulfill customer demands.  

Planning optimizations allow you to complete the task in a quick time. This helps to reduce the total lead time, increase production efficiency, and improve customer responsiveness.  


Fulfill customer demand always: Take advantage of planning and resource management tools to ensure raw materials and resources are available in the right place and at the right time. This helps to manage stock and ensure on-time delivery to customers with the right product.  

Optimize production planning easier: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain management helps you optimize planning performance through Dynamic planning. You can incorporate insights into any changes in the supply side as well with current orders.  

Streamline manufacturing operations with automation: Take advantage of inventory and process automation in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to increase efficiency and boost production timeliness across your production process. 

Maximize resource utilization: The application allows you to allocate resources (workforce, machines, work centers, and plants) strategically. This helps to reduce downtime and deliver at speed and maximize utilization.  

Demand Forecasting 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management utilizes machine learning and AI-driven insights to improve demand forecasting. It enables businesses to forecast demand accurately. Integration of demand forecasting across your supply chain, sales and operations helps you avoid accumulation of unwanted stock, increase inventory turns and ensure timely delivery to customers.  


Reduce aged inventory 

Demand forecasting capability in Dynamics 365 SCM helps you reduce excess and aged inventory. This avoids supply disruptions, leading to lower costs, improved customer service levels and increased sales.  

Improve forecasting through collaboration 

Incorporate your planning process with supply chain, sales, and marketing data to enhance demand forecasting. With the forecast insights you can make better decisions about business future.  

Dynamics 365 SCM streamlines demand forecasting by connecting various disconnected data sources, providing a unified platform, and utilizing AI insights and machine learning.  

If you want to improve your manufacturing process through right planning and demand forecasting, the optimal solution is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – it helps you make extraordinary planning and stay ahead in the competitive market.  

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