Organizational success is centered on the effective functioning of various processes. Companies must ensure efficiency across processes through tailored software solutions.


When it comes to simplifying employee tasks and HR jobs, companies cannot afford to miss a sophisticated Employee Self-Service portal.

Many companies express frustration over the inefficient use of employee time on HR tasks. A significant portion of employee time is wasted when they approach the HR team seeking information associated with payroll, training, salary, compensation, and others.

The Employee Self-Service Portals or ESS app is designed with a focus on simplifying employee tasks, increasing productivity and optimizing HR tasks.

When it comes to employee self-service solutions, LITS ESS is the apt choice for organizations, as it can address key challenges faced by employees and human resources.

What is LITS ESS?

LITS ESS is an integrated solution that is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. Combining the critical capabilities of Dynamics 365 and features that streamline HR and employee tasks, LITS ESS offers numerous benefits for both employees and HR professionals.

Understanding ESS and its features can help you understand how it can benefit your organization.


Leave Application

 Employees can submit leave requests through LITS ESS without the need for HR intervention. They can apply for specific types of leave they want, for example, sick leave, personal leave, or others.

Benefits for organizations:

  • Eliminates the need for paper and requests through email.
  • Saves employees and HR time, enabling them to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Provides transparency in the leave approval process.
  • Allows HR personnel to review employee requests and take necessary action easily and quickly.
  • Improves employee satisfaction.

Expense Claim

 LITS ESS allows employees to submit expenses incurred for business-related purposes. Employees can upload expense receipts, specify the nature of the expense, and provide any necessary documentation to support the expense claim.


Benefits for organizations:

  • Simplifies reimbursement processes
  • Speeds up expense reporting and reimbursement processes
  • Allows employees to view the real-time status of their expense claims
  • Provides visibility into expenses
  • Helps organizations simplify the audit process

Attendance Report


LITS ESS enables employees to access detailed reports of their attendance records, including check-in and check-out times, hours worked, absences, late arrivals, early departures, and other pertinent information.

Benefits for organizations:

  • Gain valuable data on employee attendance
  • Understand employee trends and analyze productivity
  • Empower employees to review their own attendance records
  • Enable HR teams to track attendance trends and identify areas for improvement
  • Use attendance reports for performance evaluations
  • Identify areas of improvement in attendance and workforce management

Loan management


LITS ESS offers employees the ability to apply for loans directly through the platform, simplifying the loan application process and allowing for quick review and approval based on eligibility criteria.

Benefits for organizations:

  • Reduces the need for paperwork and administrative overhead for HR and finance departments
  • Accelerates loan application processing
  • Enables employees to track the status of their loan requests in real-time
  • Efficiently manages loan disbursement
  • Enhances employee satisfaction and engagement

Salary Details (payroll)


LITS ESS allows employees to access their salary details through the portal. Employees can view their deductions, bonuses, and other financial benefits.

Benefits for organizations:


  • Facilitates the development of strong employee relationships, leading to improved retention rates.
  • Empowers employees to make informed financial decisions.
  • Reduces HR workload by decreasing employee inquiries about salary details.
  • Improves efficiency for both HR and employees by enabling online access to pay details and documents.

Integrated timesheets


LITS ESS makes it easy for employees to accurately record their working hours on projects and tasks directly within the portal. This integrated solution simplifies the process of managing employee work hours, helping organizations enhance productivity.

Benefits for organizations:


  • Enables precise recording of working hours by employees.
  • Facilitates resource allocation and enables the generation of accurate reports.
  • Allows project leaders to monitor progress and make informed decisions.
  • Links timesheets to projects, enabling organizations to track time spent on specific projects


Employee Training

 Employees can access training materials, join for new courses, track their performances, and more directly within the portal. It allows convenient access to learning resources, thereby providing a platform to enhance their skills and knowledge.

  • Organizations can reduce costs associated to providing training to employees
  • Managers can track each employee’s performance and assign them to new projects
  • Help organizations to retain employees and increase operational efficiency


LITS ESS seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 apps, Microsoft productivity tools, and other third-party systems. This enables organizations to streamline workflows, automate processes, and optimize resource allocation across various departments. Integration with various systems and apps allows for seamless data exchange and collaboration, thereby improving business outcomes and efficiency.


Other Highlights of LITS ESS


  • Automation of HR processes
  • Email and application alerts and notifications
  • Employee dashboard to view and verify details
  • Smooth integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps
  • Suitable for businesses of all types
  • Customize to suit your business needs


Looking to empower employees, foster efficiency, and accuracy?


Investing in the LITS Employee Self-Service System is worthwhile. ESS can be customized to fit your business needs, and LITS professionals can help you with this.

An employee self-service integration solution like LITS ESS seamlessly connects various aspects of employee management. It can be reliably added to your business environment to improve the employee and HR experiences.

Built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, LITS ESS automates various HR-related tasks, empowers employees to manage information, ensures data accuracy, allows seamless integration with other HR systems and Microsoft tools, and supports various Dynamics 365 add-ons.

To learn more about LITS ESS and the scope of implementation within your business in the Middle East or other countries, connect with our Microsoft Dynamics Consultants.




Is LITS ESS suitable for various Organizations?

LITS ESS is designed for organizations across different verticals and sectors. Its customizable nature makes it well-suited to the specific needs of organizations of various sizes and types. Whether you are a start-up, medium-sized, or large enterprise, LITS ESS can be tailored to streamline employee management processes.

How does LITS ESS ensure data security?

LITS ESS prioritizes data security, employing robust measures to protect sensitive employee information, tax data, and financial records. With built-in security protocols and regular updates to address emerging threats, you can trust that your data is protected.

Does LITS ESS incorporate Microsoft features?

Yes, since LITS ESS is Dynamics 365 based, you can access the modern features that Microsoft offers.

Does LITS offer support for integrating and customizing the software?

Yes, LITS provides full support for the integration and customization of Employee Self-Service software. Whether you require specific features, integration with existing systems, or customization to meet unique needs, LITS offers expert assistance to ensure seamless implementation and optimization.