Covid-19 forced B2B (business to business) buyers and sellers to go digital. Now, buyers and sellers prefer an easy, convenient online shopping experience over direct interactions. As digital and remote engagement has been widely accepted, the demand for an omnichannel, user-centric commerce experience also emerged. The good news is that B2B e-commerce for Dynamics 365 Commerce enables feature rich and unified user experiences for B2B customers. A recent study by Forrester Consulting revealed that delivering a connected experience to customers is important to business success, and Dynamics 365 Commerce enable relevant experience for both the B2B buyers and sellers.

Few trends that are transforming B2B buying and e-commerce

B2B buying is moving online

E-commerce is fast gaining attention across every sector, every business type. Online shopping has seen a surge during the pandemic and the McKinsey and Company research indicates that 70 percent of B2B customers are making large purchases online. Companies that adopt technologies like Dynamics 365 Commerce will outperform the competition. According to Digital Commerce 360, US B2B e-commerce sales expanded by 11.8% to $2.19 trillion in 2020. The sales were $1.3 trillion in 2019. With B2B e-commerce capabilities, your business can improve buying experiences and accelerate growth.

Strong supply chain is a necessity

Pandemic has highlighted the importance of a strong supply chain. Supply chains have also faced unique challenges of their own and there is no doubt that the pandemic has tested the flexibility of the supply chain globally. Forrester study revealed that supply chain agility is one of the key areas that retailers and consumer goods companies are focused on as part of their digital commerce strategy. These businesses have addressed supply chain agility by increasing visibility throughout the product journey and adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. The companies must connect supply chain technology with digital commerce system (Dynamics 365 Commerce) to gain real-time visibility into movement of products and leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) to fulfillment and ensure inventory availability.

User experience

In digital commerce, the success depends on its online experiences. Customers expect certain conveniences while shopping online – easy-to-use and attractive digital storefronts, relevant product recommendations, customized products, easy payment options and check out, and product tracking. Delivering a connected experience is necessary for all businesses to become successful. Dynamics 365 Commerce encompasses all the tools, features and capabilities to streamline the customers purchasing journey and deliver exceptional experiences to customers.


Personalization is also required in the B2B commerce space. B2B customers are advanced and it includes buyers of all ages. They are familiar with the attributes such as the custom-made recommendations, purchase history for easier reordering, chat option for customer support and more. Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 Commerce can deliver a more integrated customer experience through personalization. The solution helps to achieve comprehensive visibility across business and deliver omnichannel experiences that secure together online and offline interactions. Even if customers turn to physical stores after the pandemic, B2B customers can be retained by delivering seamless online experiences.

Security and privacy

Successful digital commerce is highly dependent on security and privacy. Besides protecting customer data, businesses must secure themselves from the security breaches. Increasing the level of protection helps businesses to defend against online threats. Microsoft has introduced a robust security system called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. When this robust security system is integrated with Dynamics 365 Commerce business can reduce fraud, minimize operational costs, and increase customer base.

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