Want to accelerate your business finance management? A comprehensive financial management software can help with that.

In a growing business environment, it is essential to accelerate your business operations, including your finance. Finance automation is inevitable for organizations to enable transformation. 

Embracing an automated solution for finance management helps you bring successful outcomes through better decision making and data empowerment.

Solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance automates important tasks such as expense management, bank reconciliation, book keeping etc which frees up time for employees to perform other vital tasks.

It empowers organizations to get finance tasks done smarter with minimal human intervention. AI and RPA (robotic process automation) makes automation a reality in D365.

Want to use Dynamics 365 Finance to accelerate finance management?

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance for automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is an enterprise-grade finance management software with a range of AI-powered capabilities that helps you improve financial processes through automation.

AI (artificial intelligence) and automation functionality focus on transforming financial tasks – simplifies financial management, makes your financial tasks error free, and helps in making meaningful and confident financial decisions that accelerates growth.

Intelligent automation automates repetitive financial asks which helps to speed up productivity, reduce operational costs, save time, improve employee satisfaction and customer experience, enabling you  to drive innovation

Core finance processes that benefits from automation


Managing finance-related activity (order-to-cash)such as invoicing customers and receiving payments is critical to ensure sufficient cash flow. The OTC (order to cash) process is critical to maintain smooth operations. If errors occurs in one of the stages of OTC process, operations can be disrupted. You can streamline OTC process with automation.


Procure-to-pay covers a range of activities that a business engages in to procure the items and pay to the supplier or vendor. The accuracy of the P2P needs to be maintained. Accounts payable is responsible for setting up new supplier accounts, entering information from invoices, matching bills to purchase orders and authorizing payments. If accounts payable process can be automated, you can save time and maintain the accuracy.

Financial Operations

Automation helps to streamline many tedious, error-prone activities such as manual reconciliations, making records of business transactions (journal entry), and external reporting. With financial automation solution, you can improve operational productivity and maintain accuracy.

Financial planning and analysis

This is another important area where you can benefit from automation. Financial planning department usually spend more time to aggregate data for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Through automation, you can automate the manual collection of data enabling finance professionals to shift their focus on other critical tasks.

Why your business need to invest in finance automation?

Get in-depth financial analysis

Besides automating critical jobs, the solution gives you a complete picture of your business finance. Finance automation solution automatically generates reports including profit and loss statement, income statement, cash flow statement, payment performance reports etc. 

With reports, you can make critical financial decisions that can improve sales and business growth. As the reports are available on the cloud, your financial teams can access it from anywhere and on any device.

Reduce manual errors

No matter how experienced your finance professionals are, they can make mistakes. While human errors are tolerable, the consequences it makes can be huge. Even a mistake in the accounting can cost your business huge sums of money.

Finance automation eliminates the risks of human errors and does everything from vendor invoice processing to managing credit risks and collections and bank reconciliation. With automation, employee productivity can be increased and they spend time on things that matter.

Reduce risks of fraud

An information leak can cause damage to your business reputation. There may be chance for the  information leak if the financial data is stored in spreadsheets and other traditional systems.

An efficient finance automation system comes with advanced security that helps protect critical data, identify latest threats, safeguard fake accounts and fraudulent access. Protective mechanism in Dynamics 365 Finance is efficient, as it uses AI to protect your business against frauds.

How can Dynamics 365 Finance help you business?

Automation in Dynamics 365 Finance helps you improve revenue growth with Finance Insights. It offers AI capability that precisely predict cash flow and payments, simplify budgeting and finance management, and identify future trends.

Predict customer payments: Customer payment is still a crucial issue faced by most organizations. It will be good if you know when will your customers make payment against invoices. Dynamics 365 Finance consistently predict when your customer will make payments which helps to improve overall financial health.

Smart cash flow solution: Cash flow is a crucial element to maintain financial stability. The cash flow forecasting feature in Dynamics 365 helps you monitor cash balances by forecasting company cash flows. With precise cash forecasting, financial professionals can make informed financial decisions and manage cash position within your business.

Intelligent budgeting: Dynamics 365 Finance simplifies helps you create precise and robust budget proposals. Intelligent budget proposal feature consolidate old data and develop a strong and precise budget.

When it comes to solution that helps you streamline your finance processes, it is worth it to rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. With the help of LITS SERVICES, you can implement proper D365 Finance solution.

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