Prioritizing work activities is indispensable to organizations that are engaged with manufacturing and field service processes. They need advanced technology solutions to put things in an organized manner. Field service management is the crucial area that require attention, as it points to valuable interactions and quality engagement with customers. Customers now these days demand visibility into what field service technicians deliver – no matter the type of delivery, be it in-house service, remote service, or self-service.  

Advanced integrated solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service assists manufacturing and field service organizations to be more proactive and remote with feature rich capabilities. Pandemic days have highlighted the importance of contact-free and remote service that ensure valued services by maintaining physical distance and without affecting worker’s health.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is a smart application that improves customer experience through efficient field service execution. It enables end-to-end field service management with a range of capabilities including resource management, schedule optimization, work order management, route optimization, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, asset management, among other capabilities.

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How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 benefit Manufacturing and Field service organizations?

Field service management can be reinforced through capabilities such as remote collaboration, field service mobile app, automation, predictive maintenance, self-service portals, and mixed reality. As per the IDC MarketScape study, companies that are engaged with manufacturing and field-service management must consider Microsoft as their technology partner when it comes for an integrated solution that drives positive results.

Highlights of Field service and mixed reality applications

Field service support can be redefined through real-time collaboration and on-demand insights. Microsoft helps organizations to drive better outcomes by connecting to IOT (internet of things) data, remote collaboration and artificial intelligence (AI) and AR or mixed reality capabilities.


For companies that are into manufacturing and service, maintenance is a crucial task. Sending a service technician for maintenance is time-consuming, not scalable and involves a lot of resources. With mixed reality application Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and field service application Dynamics 365 Field Service, remote service engineers can provide support to field technicians in real-time through video chat, helps to solve device problems using 3D annotations, contextual data overlays and more.

Predictive maintenance capability in Dynamics 365 Field Service enables technicians to forecast device malfunctions with AI, machine learning and analytics service. This helps to find a solution before the problem gets bigger. Predictive maintenance reduces device outages, foresee client needs, and minimizes travel cost for field service organizations and clients.

Remote collaboration

On the other hand, mixed reality application allows remote service teams to collaborate in real-time with on-field service technicians using videos, images, and mixed-reality comments. Therefore, field technicians can get the necessary mechanical expertise to fix any device problem. This technology is being widely accepted by manufacturing and field service enterprises to improve job efficiency, training and retention, and to respond to customer needs in a quick time.

With Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens2, manufacturing organizations can create an enhanced environment. Efficiently train your employees, improve their efficiency, and create more agile manufacturing processes. Here are some common scenarios where manufacturing organizations can benefit from Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens2

  • Guided Training: Employees are more empowered by learning new skills and complex manufacturing tasks with holographic step-by-step guidance and instructions.
  • Remote Inspection: It enables remote service teams do perform the inspections and audit in real-time to solve the business problems in live mode.
  • Connected service: Connect field engineers with experts in remote location, hands-free and heads-up using HoloLens 2 on Remote Assist.

Apart from manufacturing organizations, other industries that widely use HoloLens and mixed reality applications include, education, health care, pharma, architecture, construction, engineering and more.

For the companies that are into manufacturing and field service can take advantage of the field service and remote assist solutions. Microsoft being the leader in innovative offerings, strives to help organizations deliver a stronger, collaborative and proactive service to their customers by refining features. With the continuous innovations, organizations can fulfill customer expectations, improve business revenue and customer trust.

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