When it comes to business intelligence Microsoft Power BI is the best in the industry. Business intelligence helps organizations make informed decisions by analyzing historical and present business data. Business analysts can use the power of Microsoft BI to run business smoother and more productively.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power Business BI turns your unrelated sources of data into integrated, visually immersive, and powerful insights. The data can be anything ranging from your excel spreadsheet to a collection of data warehouses. Microsoft Power BI seamlessly connects your various data sources and shares within business and to everyone you want. The unified information you get is easy to understand and share.

How Can Power BI help your business?

  • Gather and transform data from several sources: Power BI tools collect structured and unstructured data from various sources using the extract, transform and load method (ETL). The collected data is then remodeled and stored in a centralized location. This data is available as a complete data set making it easy for your teams to analyze and make important business decisions.
  • Discover trends and irregularities: Microsoft Power BI is featured with several data modeling and analytics techniques which helps to explore more data, predict trends, and make smart suggestions. This helps your business find patterns that provides insights into where your business is heading towards.
  • Leverage data visualizations: Power BI reporting uses data visualization that helps you understand what is going on in your business at the moment. Reporting methods offer interactive dashboards, charts, graphs and maps making it easy to analyze the trends.
  • Take actions in real-time: Power BI lets you view current and historical data in context with your business operations. This helps you make decisive actions on insights in real-time. The advantage is that Power BI eliminates inefficiencies, enables your business to adapt to market changes, meet customer demands on time, correct supply problems and more.

Microsoft Power BI helps accelerate revenue streams and identify areas of improvement. Here are some of the areas in your business that see improvements when using BI.

  • Customer Experience: As all the data is stored centrally, your teams across departments can access data that is relevant to improve customer engagement and support
  • Sales and Marketing: You can immensely gain visibility into your sales and marketing performance and other aspects such as consumer behavior, buying trends, and more.
  • Operations: Power BI automates daily tasks in the supply chain, refine processes, and improve productivity.
  • Finance: You can get a complete view of your business financial health, forecast trends and calculate risks using custom dashboards.

Benefits of Power BI

  • Enhance business productivity and processes
  • Precise tracking of sales, marketing, and financial performance
  • Instant notification on any customer issues
  • Real-time sharing of analysis across departments
  • Helps to identify shopping patterns and customer behavior

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