Prepare for extensive business growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified operations eliminates the bottlenecks of growth and efficiency. It successfully takes your business forward as well as helps to penetrate larger markets. Dynamics 365 Unified Operations is a blend of various Dynamics 365 applications for managing finance, operations, commerce, and human resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations offers a collaborative environment where departments can work and share interactively. The solution allows you to make informed decisions, streamline finance, automates routine tasks, and provides a deep visibility into entire business operations.

Depending on your business requirements, more capabilities can be extended through the addition of other Dynamics 365 apps like the Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Office 365.

If your business is operating anywhere in MENA region, to get the integration done, you can depend on the expertise of leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 providers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, etc.

Know how applications in the Dynamics 365 Unified Operations helps you meet operational excellence across departments.

Streamline Financial Management

Dynamics 365 Finance app in the unified plan helps you gain visibility into your complete financial operations. Combined with intelligent tools, the unified operations drives growth with flexibility, agility and visibility. Through better insights, it enables your teams to make better financial decisions, reduces expenses and financial risks.

Optimize Operations (Supply Chain)

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain management app helps to maintain a steady flow of goods and services. More than providing insights into the supply chain, it resolves issues quickly, accelerate time to market, optimizes resource scheduling, automates warehouse operations, helps with on-time shipments and more.

Provide best retail experiences

Dynamics 365 Commerce app enables you to offer a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers across physical and digital channels. The solution enables you to create brand loyalty through personalized engagements and optimize operations to reduce costs. It offers features to deliver more connected retail experiences.


Get workforce insights

Human Resources capabilities helps you better serve your employees. It covers multiple processes related to your employees including compensation, leave and absence, payroll integration, self-service programs and more. It optimizes HR programs, drives better decisions by unifying employee data and improves efficiency. You can uncover insights using advanced analytics to create a more collaborative work environment.

Set the path for enhanced productivity with LITS SERVICES

If you long to drive growth and business agility with the solution that connects various processes, the optimal solution you can rely on is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations. The solution helps you achieve business productivity and growth and provide a more agile work culture.

To get the solution tailored for your business requirements, it makes sense to partner with experienced Dynamics 365 implementation partners. LITS SERVICES holds the reputation for transforming business operations using Dynamics 365 Unified Operations for the customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, or India.

As a recognized Microsoft Gold partner, our Dynamics 365 consultants customize and deploy Dynamics 365 by integrating various other applications. We provide end to end solutions that help businesses to manage their operations successfully.

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