Enterprises are seizing on advanced solutions as a key enabler to complete their digital transformation.

A more holistic end-to-end digital transformation is needed to deliver stellar services across all business processes, including human resources.

As new technologies, specially automation, continue to be relevant to business processes now, the need to modernize HR processes are becoming more obvious. Given the dynamic nature of the HR and the growing needs of the workforce, an advanced HRMS solution is indispensable.

By giving employees access to various resources and important information, a modern HRMS solution can bridge the gap between organizations and employees.

“Let’s look into why, and when to invest in a reliable HRMS”

Why an HRMS is needed for your business?

HRMS plays a decisive role in the development of business, as well as transforming employee experiences. Beyond the rather limited capabilities of traditional HR software, modern HRMS system like Dynamics 365 Human Resources optimizes HR programs, provide insights and increase organizational agility, largely.

What’s more, with modern features like automation, analytics, reporting, and employee self-service, you can be part of a complete HR transformation.

“Let’s check some of the key, cool features of HRMS”

Here we go

Shift scheduling:

Gone are the days where scheduling shift was a chore that reduced employee productivity, thanks to the modern HRMS. Shift scheduling feature gives businesses more flexibility by simplifying employee schedules.

Businesses can manage employee shift depending on employee availability and work requirements Moreover, they can assign shifts based on the skill of the employee and work hours. Shift scheduling provides many benefits to organizations, including improved productivity, higher employee satisfaction, reduced costs, and compliance.

Attendance management

With an ultimate goal of improving efficiency, attendance management feature in HRMS adds value to your business. Companies can manage the attendance of employees more efficiently. Documenting working hours promptly can have significant impact on  employee productivity, smooth running of operations and keeping the discipline.

You will able to enjoy some great benefits like real-time reporting, configuring flexible leave policies, integration with third-party payroll systems, and automated attendance tracking.

Leave Management

HRMS helps you provide great leave benefits to your employees. Leave management feature  optimizes and streamlines the employee leave request and approval process. It provides a flexible framework where employees can request time off through employee self-service portal,  HR teams can create new leave plans for employees, set leave and absence parameters, create a calendar for the working time, view analytics for leave and absence insights and more.

What are the benefits of HRMS?

  • HRMS system helps you create a modernized work environment where business and employees thrive. Improve employee satisfaction and reduce employee churn
  • Employees can seamlessly access their personal and job related information through employee self-service portal, helping organizations to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • Provides a powerful data management capability that enables organizations to store, manage and analyze data more efficiently
  • Integrated with various features that simplify HR related processes including shift scheduling, absence and leave management, and more
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing and other HR systems like talent management, payroll, and recruitment
  • Automation capabilities simplifies your HR processes and help you get rid of administrative burdens and improve HR efficiency
  • Provides self-analytics and intelligence to gather insights from the HR processes, helping you stay ahead of the curve
  • Customization enables you to scale the solution to the growing needs of business and your employees.

Invest in a right HRMS

This Is time to invest in a top-tier HRMS system

When you are planning to transform your HR operation with a robust and scalable human resource management system, count on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. It provides a complete solution that allows employees to access various information related to them, empowers HR teams to streamline their various HR programs, and unifies HR data to provide actionable insights. To know about Dynamics 365 HR implementation process, consult with the leading Microsoft Certified Gold Partners.

If your business is in any Middle East country, contact IAX SERVICES, an experienced Dynamics 365 HR Partner in the UAE.  As a Microsoft Gold Partner, IAX SERVICES can deploy Dynamics 365 HR, customize it to your unique business needs, and seamlessly integrate it with various Microsoft productivity tools.