Define business success with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Upgrading to modern software can help organizations maintain sustainability, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables them to achieve a significant impact by integrating business processes.

The suite of intelligent business applications that make up Dynamics 365 allows you to overcome current challenges and remain competitive in the global market.

With its advanced capabilities, artificial intelligence, and valuable insights, you can make informed decisions and pave the way for improved growth.

No matter what industry you operate in, you can harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to efficiently manage and streamline your business operations.

Where do you begin?

First obtain the knowledge about  Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications from the experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners. They provide expert guidance and support in buying, deploying and customizing your Dynamics 365 applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation services: LITS SERVICES

LITS SERVICES is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in UAE. We take an industry-specific approach to implementing Dynamics 365, leveraging our technical expertise and experience.

Our Dynamics 365 implementation solutions for your organization cover custom implementations, migrations, integrations, consultation, support, and training. We have enabled organizations in various industries to leverage Dynamics 365 to their advantage.

Our goal is to help you choose and deploy the most suitable Dynamics 365 solution for your business, ensuring that you can utilize it as efficiently as possible to drive business growth.

Implementation Process: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Start with vision and Mission

Investment in D365 is based on your business vision and mission. It means how the platform can help you achieve your vision. Your goals may be about improving customer satisfaction or sales and marketing performance. Once you determine the aspects of your vision to achieve, then it is easy to decide on the right solution.

Create a team to lead the project

The next step is to identify the right team of employees to go ahead with the implementation process. Your team should have enough knowledge of the business processes. This will help them to provide insights into how D365 will impact your business. Team members from respective departments should be present in the D365 implementation process.

Create your plan

When you decide to go with the implementation process, planning is crucial. As Dynamics 365 can be hosted on-premises or on the cloud, having an review about your infrastructure is critically important, so that users can access the applications without any user performance issues.

Know Dynamics 365 capabilities

Before implementation, having a proper understanding of Dynamics 365 capabilities will be helpful. Consult with your Dynamics 365 Partner who can provide expert consultation on Dynamics 365 applications.

As an experienced Dynamics 365 partner, our consultants consider every implementation aspect with complete focus on your requirements.

Business strategy and support: We take responsibility on Dynamics 365 implementation strategies based on your business operations and then decide the best solution for your business..

Provide excellent training: Project success depends how users are versed on the system. Keeping this in mind, our professionals provide specific training for your users to ensure the system is used effectively and efficiently.

Why LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 Implementation?

  • Industry expertise and knowledge
  • Implementation expertise
  • Consulting, support and training
  • Implement best practices
  • Integration and customization expertise

How Dynamics 365 helps grow your business fast?

Happy Customers

Dynamics 365 provides access to all relevant customer data helping your employees get customer insights and respond to their queries in a quicker way, allowing you to create consistent bonding with customers.

Optimizing Operations:

Dynamics 365 includes features that helps organizations manage finance, customer service, supply chain, project management, retail, and human resources. It provides a unified view of your business operations in a single platform, which makes it easy for your team to make informed decisions that increases productivity and enables more efficient operations.


D365 grows as your business develops. This helps to meet the increase in the workload and can accommodate large numbers of users. The application is flexible in the sense that it connects all aspects of business together and can be customized to meet your dynamic business needs. It provides the flexibility of deployment; you can go for the on-premises or cloud-based Dynamics 365.


Dynamics 365 can be integrated with Microsoft office 365, Power BI (Business Intelligence), Power Apps and other Microsoft products. All these tools work together to create a collaborative work environment accelerating growth and productivity. Dynamics 365 is accessible from any location on smartphones and tablets. This helps your business stay productive and engaged with your business processes in an effective manner.

Integration: Dynamics 365 provides a unified platform for managing all aspects of your business, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, and customer service. This allows for better integration between departments and a more streamlined approach to managing your business.

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365?

Scalability: Dynamics 365 is highly scalable and can grow with your business, allowing you to add new features and functions as your needs evolve over time.

Flexibility: Dynamics 365 is a highly customizable platform, enabling you to tailor the solution to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Integration: Dynamics 365 provides a unified platform for managing all aspects of your business, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, and customer service. This allows for better integration between departments and a more streamlined approach to managing your business.

Data-driven insights: Dynamics 365 provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that allow you to gain valuable insights into your business operations and make data-driven decisions.

Enhanced productivity: By automating key business processes, Dynamics 365 can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce manual effort.

Cloud-based: Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution, providing you with the flexibility to access your business data from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Security: Dynamics 365 provides advanced security features, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication, to help safeguard your business data.

Success rate of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The success rate of Dynamics 365 can vary depending on several factors, including the nature of the business, the scope of the implementation, and the quality of the implementation partner.

Studies and surveys have shown that overall, the success rate of Dynamics 365 is relatively high. For example, a recent survey conducted by Microsoft found that 94% of Dynamics 365 customers reported a positive return on investment (ROI), with 50% reporting a ROI of over 100%.

Additionally, a study conducted by Nucleus Research found that, on average, organizations that implemented Dynamics 365 saw an increase in the profit margin compared to other solutions. This indicates that Dynamics 365 has a high success rate and can provide significant value to organizations that implement it effectively.

It’s important to note that success rates can vary, and careful planning, effective implementation, and ongoing support are all critical to ensuring a successful outcome.

LITS SERVICES is a proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner that empowers enterprises across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, and India. Besides planning and deploying the application as per client’s business needs, our team offers unparalleled after-sales support as well.