Empowered employees are an advantage for every organization. Microsoft 365 is one of the ways to strengthens today’s digitally workforce. New innovations across Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva that have been shared at Microsoft Ignite underpin the facts. These innovations help organizations to achieve competitive advantage.

Let’s delve into the matter.

Strengthening today’s digitally connected workforce

Microsoft 365 is the cloud platform that allows people to work from wherever, whenever and however. No matter how you run your business, Microsoft 365 helps you achieve significant time and cost savings.

It is home to your favorite productivity apps such as Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. With the advanced document management and storage management system along with graph-powered recommendations, Microsoft 365 is a great way to work. Microsoft 365 is available for business, education and home use.

Changing meeting culture

Microsoft Teams is the core of Microsoft 365 that is transforming the way organizations and people work. Microsoft has already added new capabilities to transform the meeting culture. The introduction of AI-powered intelligent cameras to Microsoft Teams Rooms enable attendees to have inclusive hybrid meetings.

Microsoft Ignite shares the introduction of the Yealink SmartVision 60 intelligent camera, which will be available in early 2023. It is the first center-of-room, 360 panoramic degree camera developed for Microsoft Teams. It is capable to produce multiple video streams with people recognition and AI active speaker tracking.

New Teams Premium meeting offering focus on transforming meeting culture. Intelligent recap feature in Teams Premium create tasks, automatically generate chapters from the meetings and shares important highlights from the recording. Another feature in Teams Premium is Live translations for captions which generates real-time translations from 40 languages, so that participants can read captions in their own language.

Other capabilities of Teams premium include

  • Meeting guides to initiate right meeting options
  • Watermarking and sensitivity labels for meeting protection
  • Virtual appointments for Seamless and friction-free B2C engagements
  • Host high-quality webinars for deeper engagement and to generate new leads


Microsoft Places

Microsoft Places creates a new Connected Workplace to meet the challenges of hybrid work. Microsoft Places is a connected workplace that organize what work happens, modernize the work space with smart technology and optimize the workplace. The hybrid scheduling in Microsoft Places lets you view when your colleagues will be present in the office. It also helps you get an overview of how people use the office and ultimately optimize your work space. Intelligent booking feature helps you find the available spaces that matches your meeting needs.

New collaboration experiences

Microsoft is making work better by unlocking new collaboration experiences. The experiences are designed for seamless collaboration. Excel Live changes how users collaborate in meetings, i.e., people  can edit excel file in real-time from Teams without opening the file. This feature will be rolled out soon.

Another feature which is in preview is Teams Live Share. Live Share transforms Teams apps into collaborative multi-user experience where users can co-watch, co-share, co-create and co-edit while on meetings.

Together Mode makes meeting attendees feel that they are in the same room for the meetings. Persons arranging the meetings can allot seats to the participants in the Together mode view. Together mode provides everyone the same meeting view.

New hours and location feature across Outlook and Teams makes it simpler to schedule meetings by allowing users to specify their work hour timings. Users can set up their work hours in Outlook specifying when they will be available for the meetings from remote or in the office.

The new Teams channels makes the interaction more focused by placing the latest posts at the top. People can get the latest conversations, take part in discussions and contribute to it. Teams channel support new post types such as announcements, videos clips, and channel header that is customizable.

New capabilities in Teams Chat allows users to prioritize their important work. “@” mention  everyone helps to grab the attention among users in the group, and the AI-recommended replies makes conversation fast and fun. With reaction emojis, users in the group can react authentically and in a natural way. This makes the conversation experience great and enjoyable.

Video Clips in chat allows everyone to record, send and view video clip giving a personal touch to improve customer engagement and connection.

Loop app feature is in preview and the Loop components bring exciting ways of interaction in context of work across Microsoft apps.

Microsoft Editor leverages Context IQ to help users stay connected with the information when and where they need it. The preview of Microsoft Editor using Context IQ in Outlook and Word for the web has started.

Microsoft Designer app supported by AI technology helps you quickly create eye-catching social media posts easily and quickly. Microsoft also introduced video editor Microsoft Clipchamp to Microsoft 365 that allows users to tell stories with videos. There is another feature Microsoft Create featuring various creative templates to designer skills.

Rely on the expertise of Microsoft Partners

With these innovations, Microsoft 365 will definitely empower your workforce for the better. When you decide to improve your workforce productivity through digital culture, it essential to get the service from reliable and experienced Microsoft Partners.

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