The phrase “actionable insights” may still be confusing to many of us.

In a world driven by data, this word holds significant importance for organizations that use data to accelerate their business growth and sales. It is closely related to business intelligence or analytics.


What are actionable insights?

“Actionable insights” refer to meaningful information derived from sales data or business data. These insights can be efficiently used to drive your sales, enhance customer experience, and maximize business revenue.

Dynamics 365 users can integrate their Dynamics 365 Sales app with Power BI to extract insights from their sales data. Here we discover how D365 Sales and Power BI can help you turn your sales data into actionable insights.


Influence of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is an intelligent sales application that empowers salespeople to deal with the whole sales from managing customer relationships to taking actions based on insights and closing sales deals faster. It offers many other features including sales forecasting, lead qualification, opportunity scoring and guided selling to facilitate an efficient sales process.

That said, Dynamics 365 Sales serves as a central repository that gathers sales data from multiple sources, allowing you to utilize data effectively with business intelligence solutions (Power BI).


Impact of Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft analytics tool that enables the extraction of insights from business data. These insights can be visualized through dashboards as charts or graphs, enabling you to make meaningful sales decisions to drive growth. Power BI can be connected to Dynamics 365 Sales, as well as other data sources, to gain valuable insights into your sales growth.


Integration of Power BI with Dynamics 365 Sales

Power BI integration with D365 sales brings many advantages. The best part is that it makes the data flow between two systems easier, allowing users to take advantage of the enhanced analytics capabilities of Power BI to gain insights from the sales data in D365 Sales platform. With efficient and effective integration with D365 Sales and Power BI, you can make confident decisions regarding sales performance.


Immersive Power BI dashboards

A Power BI dashboard presents your sales story and other essential business metrics in a visually compelling way. Users can visualize sales performance and gain visibility into other metrics such as sales won or lost, revenue and pipeline. The interactive dashboard which presents data as reports or charts allows you to analyze sales data to your maximum advantage. Gain comprehensive understanding of sales performance, prioritize sales goals, and drive business growth.


Sales Forecasting

The advanced analytics capabilities of Power BI extract actionable insights from sales data. These insights can be effectively used to precisely forest sales using sales forecasting feature in D365 Sales. Using this feature, you can create and manage bottom-up sales forecasts – i.e., estimating your company’s future sales performance for a given period.

Sales teams can efficiently manage their sales pipeline by identifying the sales deals they need to close. Sales managers can execute the sales team’s progress and meet sales targets more confidently with complete visibility into bottom-up forecasts.


Sharing and collaboration

Power BI’s collaborative capabilities allow you to share reports with various other departments. This influences other departments a lot, helping them to make wise decisions. Sales managers and team members can collectively analyze data, provide guidance to team members, and strategize sales planning to improve sales growth. This collaborative feature enhances teamwork and increases efficiency.


Customization and Scalability

Both Power BI and D365 are customizable to meet the growing needs of your business and customer demands. You can customize dashboards, reports, and visualization as per your specific sales requirements. Furthermore, the scalable nature of Power BI and D365 allows you to handle large volumes of data as your business grows. You can add more data sources, users, sales channels, and others that are relevant to your sales processes.

So, the integration of D365 and Power BI provides you more opportunities to transform your sales data into actionable insights. Leveraging the powerful features of both the platforms, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your sales, empower salespeople to make informed decisions, precisely target customers, accurately predict sales, uncover latest sales trends, and unlock hidden opportunities within sales data.


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