• Microsoft Dynamics 365 is trusted by leading organizations worldwide to boost business growth and increase revenue by streamlining various business processes
    • Microsoft has introduced innovative D365 solutions to cater to the specific needs of various sectors such as manufacturing and retail
    • We explore how Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables manufacturing and retail companies to remain competitive in an ever-changing business landscape

    Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can meet the unique challenges of your manufacturing business


    Dynamics 365 intelligently covers all aspects of the manufacturing process, from planning and sourcing to production and distribution, by connecting data and systems to reduce disruptions and strengthen your manufacturing processes.

    Introduce new products rapidly


    Unified management of product information allow you to streamline the manufacturing process. With a centralized view of product information, Dynamics 365 allows for greater visibility and control over the manufacturing process, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

    By simplifying the engineering change management process, Dynamics 365 helps to reduce the cost of managing product data and minimize errors in the manufacturing process. This results in faster time-to-market and enables companies to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.

    Advanced technologies such as IoT and mixed reality can be efficiently used in manufacturing processes to create adaptable and efficient workflows while improving safety. With hands-free access to work instructions, employees can enhance their productivity, safety, and quality of work.

    Planning and Sourcing


    Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides intelligent tools to help manufacturers optimize their supply and distribution processes, ensuring that the right stock is available in the right place at the right time. With advanced technologies like AI predictions and machine learning, manufacturers can improve their demand forecasting and stay ahead of the competition by meeting future supply levels.

    Dynamics 365’s ability to connect data from different sources makes it possible to automate manual tasks and improve productivity using low-code apps.

    The use of Dynamics 365 simplifies procurement operations, allows for the creation of strong supplier networks to build redundancy for critical parts supplies, streamlines vendor selection, and enables intelligent purchase decisions.

    Production and distribution


    With Dynamics 365, manufacturers can manage their production floor with a real-time view of their manufacturing processes and stock levels. This visibility allows for better control and optimization of production schedules, leading to improved product quality, enhanced throughput, and reduced downtime.

    Build a consistent manufacturing process using IOT and AI. Manage your warehouse operations with a comprehensive warehouse management system. Maintain customer trust with intelligent order management.

    Asset Management


    Manage and maintain critical equipment through predictive maintenance, which improves throughput, quality, and reduces machine downtime by utilizing technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality

    Dynamics 365 provides advanced scheduling capabilities that allows you to streamline equipment maintenance and manufacturing activities.

    Sales and customer service


    D365 helps to improve sales, automate sales processes to reduce employee efforts, and deliver personalized experiences across customer’s preferred channels all while maintaining good relationships with customers.

    Enhance customer trust by delivering proactive field service. AI-optimized scheduling allows you to assign the job to the right qualified person.

    Discover how Dynamics 365 helps to meet retail business needs


    Exceed customer expectations


    Dynamics 365 helps retailers to efficiently manage inventory levels and monitor product availability in real-time, ensuring products are always in stock, and customers can easily purchase what they need. The platform provides insights into the shopping patterns of customers and helps retailers to create targeted marketing campaigns to drive sales.

    Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms enable a consistent shopping experience across all channels. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, retail organizations can make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.



    With Dynamics 365, customers can buy products according to their preferences, whether through their favored online or offline channels and using any device. They can even order online and either have the items delivered to their homes or pick them up in-store.

    Dynamics 365 offers an omnichannel commerce experience, providing a seamless purchasing experience across all channels. With the help of AI-driven suggestions, your teams can effectively promote the right products, at the right price and place.

    Post purchase


    You can maintain long-lasting relationships with a comprehensive view of customers. Connect your digital and in-stores to grab various types of data. You can improve customer retention rate and maintain existing customers through seamless customer service and loyalty and retention programs.

    Simplify retail store operations


    Dynamics 365 provides an accurate view of stock. It allows you to make informed inventory supply decisions with machine learning and analytics. With the insights from previous sales data, enable your salespeople to accurately predict customer needs.

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