Achieve more with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

Majority of the business owners have the impression that Microsoft Dynamics Solutions is too big for small businesses. But the fact is otherwise. Even small businesses can take the advantage of Dynamics solutions to achieve big. Today, enterprises rely on Microsoft Dynamics Solutions to make digital transformation a reality. Many leading companies employ Microsoft Dynamics 365 to optimize business operations, capitalize on sales leads across local and global markets, and to easily connect with customers.

Dynamics 365, a comprehensive and affordable solution for your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of several cloud business applications that can be used either as standalone applications or in combination with each other. Each application serves different purposes such as the sales, finance, marketing, commerce, HR and supply chain. Dynamics 365 can be integrated with other Microsoft productivity tools like Office 365 and Power BI. With the integration of these apps, you can create a better productive and efficient environment.

Small businesses can derive benefits from Dynamics 365 solutions – it never misses any growth opportunity, makes the most out of your customer relationships or sales leads and brings more revenue. If you want a competitive edge in the marketplace and want a business-friendly solution that has intelligent features, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions is the best.

How can Dynamics 365 Solution benefit Small Medium Businesses?

Here are some reasons why Dynamics 365 is best suited for small & medium businesses.

Pay for what you need.

Sounds like a good option, isn’t it? Depending on your usage you can purchase individual apps. For example, if you need to automate sales, get Dynamics 365 for sales or if you want to align sales and marketing, you can get Dynamics 365 for marketing and integrate with sales. On the other hand, it becomes a costly deal to purchase individual apps when the business must manage multiple processes. If you want to use apps together it may be advisable to go for a common plan. For example, Dynamics 365 customer engagement plan covers all the CRM and ERP modules to manage sales, field service, customer service, power apps, marketing and project service automation. The plan consists of Dynamics 365 for sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 for Project Automation, and Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Dynamics 365 can grow with your business.

Dynamics 365 is flexible and highly adaptable. You can begin with one app and as your business infrastructure grow you can integrate more Dynamics 365 apps into it. This eliminates the need for investing a lot of money upfront. It turns out to be a big advantage for small and medium businesses. You can spend wisely on other important tasks.

Applications can be customized

When it comes to business functionality each business has its own specific requirements and demands. Considering the capabilities that Dynamics 365 offers, it is difficult to imagine a business might miss something important or even minor tasks. The good part is that Dynamics 365 apps can be customized as per the customer or user requirements. Even the functionalities can be extended with the integration of third-party apps. For example, Dynamics 365 marketing can be extended with marketing automation tools such as ClickDimensions.

No infrastructure costs

The reasons that businesses stay away from digitization could be the perception of costs in setting up the servers and its associated hardware. However, you do not have to invest on servers and hardware, as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in the cloud. You only buy licenses to use for a specific period (for example, 6 months or 1 year) – pay only for what you use. Dynamics 365 solution eliminates the overhead of maintaining a dedicated server.

Integrate with Office 365 and other Microsoft Products

The good part is that Office 365 can be perfectly integrated with Dynamics 365 suite. You can perform routine tasks that you usually do with your favorite applications like Excel, Outlook, Word, Skype and more. Office 365 creates a collaborative work environment where you can edit and share documents, make business communication using emails, make calls across departments or companies using Skype and more. Likewise, by integrating with Microsoft Power BI you can get interactive reports and graphical view of data.

Grow big with LITS SERVICES

If you long to drive growth and business agility you can set the path to productivity with “Dynamics 365 suite”. The solution empowers you to achieve measurable productivity, growth, and performance, giving rise to a more agile work culture. The application delivers a comprehensive solution that integrates commerce, sales, marketing, supply chain management, finance and more. As a recognized Microsoft Gold partner in UAE, LITS SERVICES customize and deploy Dynamics 365 in accordance with your needs. The company supports a suite of services to provide everything you need to deliver a more connected experience. We empower businesses across the Middle East and African region with Dynamics 365 solutions, helping them to become self-sustained and productive.