Create custom business apps and achieve business growth.


Business applications are inevitable for organizations if they want to accelerate growth and increase financial outcomes. Apps are now the entrance for users to access your products or services at the comfort of their devices. It not only brings more customers to your business but also increases growth.

But not all organizations have the ability or are willing to invest in technology for developing business applications, resulting in them staying far behind their competitors and being unable to effectively address their long-term business goals.

How can businesses develop custom business apps without significant investment?


The answer is Microsoft Power Apps, a low-code development platform that enables everyone to create business apps without any technical help. Power Apps is a part of Microsoft Power Platform.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?


Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools to enable organizations to create apps, automate business processes, analyze data and to create virtual bots.

Power Apps in Power Platform is the low-code development platform used to create business apps in line with business requirements and preferences.

Create apps that suits your business with Power Apps


You do not need to hire programmers to develop apps for your specific app development needs. IT teams and users who want to create custom apps can collaborate to develop, deploy, and manage apps for specific business purposes.

By connecting professional teams together when creating apps, you can bring value to your development, increase ROI, and reduce development costs.

Power Apps Developer Plan allows users and developers to create apps without writing code using development tools. Using this plan, they can leverage Power Automate, Power Apps, Visual Studio, and Azure services to build apps you need.

Some of the leading companies that use Microsoft Power Apps include Virgin Atlantic, H&M, EY and more.

What does Power Apps mean for your business?


Meet business demands.


Power Apps accelerate web and mobile front-end development using drag-and-drop simplicity without the support of any developer environment set up. Users can take advantage of pre-built UX components and AI capabilities in their applications.

This means that you do not need to have knowledge in programming language or frameworks technology to create the best front-end experience. You can use data from various sources to create apps. Once the app is built, it can be deployed easily across Android, IOS, Windows and the web.

Minimize development cost.


The cost of developing apps using Power Apps is much less. As per the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study creating apps using Power Apps is highly cost-effective. You do not have to worry about development or maintenance resources, and about vendor licensing costs. Your teams can build apps using data from various sources and break data silos.

Seamlessly manage your apps.


The apps created using Power Apps are secured and managed through the security offered by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure API management can be utilized to create rich functionalities that enhance the capabilities of the applications.

Power Apps offers seamless integration of various external data sources and systems such SAP, Salesforce, Workday and more, and whenever needed can be customized to expand the capabilities.

Increase organizational agility by quickly creating low-code apps that help you solve complex challenges and modernize business activities. It facilitates front-end development, assisting users in implementing portals to automate manual processes, and standardizes legacy systems to support new business processes and enhance user experiences.

Microsoft Power Apps benefits in a nutshell


  • Power Apps enhance business process efficiency.
  • Enable business transformation and improved outcomes.
  • Users can make informed decisions that focus on growth and productivity.
  • Increases employee satisfaction with rich functionalities and tools.
  • Integrate Power Apps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and other Microsoft tools.
  • Apps created using Power Apps are more secure and reliable.
  • Reduce development resources, reducing the operational costs.
  • App development is easy with Power Apps and is cost-effective as well.

More organizations are taking advantage of Microsoft Power Platform to automate business processes, create apps, create virtual agents and for data analytics.


Power Automate is used to automate business processes, Power BI for analyzing vast amounts of business data to gain insights, Power Virtual Agents for creating chat bots, and Power Pages for creating low-code websites.

As you look to expand your business reach by creating custom apps, you can seek the advice of Microsoft partners who are experts in the Power Platform. LITS SERVICES is a reliable Microsoft Power Platform Consultant with deep expertise in Power Platform deployment, customization, and integration.

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