Make productive communication with Microsoft Teams Essentials

Small businesses must redefine how they interact and operate with customers. In the modern environment, enterprises need solutions that adapt to their unique communication needs.

Improving collaboration provides ways to boost workforce productivity. Microsoft Teams enables staff to freely collaborate with co-workers on various projects and share ideas. It is a proven tool for file sharing, team meetings, chatting, and content creation in a digital work environment.

Microsoft Teams Essentials, a standalone product from Microsoft Teams is specifically designed for small and medium enterprises. It is enriched with features those small enterprises need to efficiently serve their customers. Microsoft Teams Essentials is the most affordable communication tool available in the market today.

Empower business communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams Essentials

From retailers to restaurants to schools, businesses belonging to all categories can effectively collaborate, communicate, and serve their customers. Business teams can connect effectively, make quick decisions, hold professional meetings and events.

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Connect with customers and partners    efficiently

Microsoft Teams Essentials, as a power communication tool, provides essential features to overcome today’s business challenges. It brings Microsoft Teams capabilities together, helping your business succeed in this new normal.

Microsoft Teams Essential features.

Small businesses can hold unlimited group or one-on-one meetings for up to 30 hours. Therefore, no need to worry about the time limit.

Microsoft Teams Essentials provide a large meeting capacity meaning you can host up to 300 participants per meeting bringing everyone in the same room.

Outlook and Google calendar integration helps your teams to stay informed about their schedules and meetings. This ensure your teams will stay on task as well as be productive.

Inviting participants to meetings is easy and simple now. Just add people to the Teams meeting invitation with their email address, and they will receive a link via email to join the meeting.

Empower your professional meetings with rich capabilities such as meeting lobby, together mode, virtual backgrounds and more. These features allow you to host engaging meetings.

Business can save time and keep the meetings in context with chat and meetings. Your teams can chat with other members across departments and collaborate on their work, share files, manage tasks and more. Teams Essentials provides 10 GB file storage which makes you less worried about storage space.

Microsoft Teams Essentials provides a consistent chat experience ensuring that your team members never loss subject context or continuity. Members can start a group project and organize meetings, assign jobs to teammates and more, enhancing productivity in a new manner.

Advantages of Microsoft Teams

  • Messaging: Microsoft Teams allows real-time messaging between members.
  • Affordable software: Microsoft Teams is cost-effective compared to other collaborative software. It comes as part of Microsoft 365 suite, and there is no upfront cost.
  • Security: Teams is enriched with state-of-the-art security features. Your business data is protected through automatic encryption and guest-access.
  • Connectivity: Teams can be connected with Microsoft tools and various other third-party services. These tools help you define your communication strategy as per your business needs.
  • Proper management of tasks: Gain significant control over your tasks that are executed through mobile devices and personal devices using Microsoft Intune. Intune which is part of Microsoft 365 allows you to manage or control data that is being shared through mobile devices.
  • Easy scheduling: Teams has the Outlook add-in which allows you to schedule meetings straight from Outlook.

Take advantage of the power of Microsoft Teams at an affordable price

Microsoft Teams Essentials is valuable for your small business, as it offers the best value at the most affordable price – at only 4 USD per user per month. With easy-to-use features and the ability to connect existing tools, it takes your employee productivity to the new level.

Powered by Microsoft, Teams Essentials is highly secured, reliable, and flexible. Moreover, the security is extended with Microsoft Defender for Business to protect business against cyber threats and ransomware.

You can use various licensing versions of Microsoft Teams depending on your business requirements. Your Microsoft Partner can help you choose the right business plan based on your communication and collaboration requirements.

Your business can avail Microsoft Teams Essentials from LITS SERVICES. Our professionals help you throughout – from providing the support to deployment to product training. Take business communication and collaboration to new heights with the trusted and reliable Microsoft Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Canada, Kenya, and Germany.