In the growing retail space, it is imperative for retail organizations to have best-in-class retail solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Smart end-to-end retail solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce gives an edge in the retail space with advanced retail capabilities, helping you improve brand loyalty through personalized customer interactions, increase profit and reduce operational costs.

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner, LITS SERVICES focus on maximizing your retail outcomes through the right deployment of Dynamics 365 Commerce. We hold an incredible history of transforming many organizations utilizing the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, AI, Power Platform, and other tools.

Beyond Dynamics 365 implementation, our D365 consultants provide proper customization, integration, support, and training, all of which help you improve entire retail operations. LITS SERVICES is the recognized Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner in the Middle East, Asia and African regions.

If you want to boost your retail growth, we can help you get there with a complete omnichannel solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Why D365 Commerce Solution for your retail business?

Dynamics 365 Commerce provides everything you need to be successful, provides exceptional shopping experiences to customers across all channels, everything to build digital commerce, and streamline retail operations using AI in the cloud.

Unified Commerce Strategy

D365 Commerce supports unified commerce strategy. It is the strategy that connects digital, physical store and backend operations on a unified commerce platform.

Through this platform, you can gain deep insights about customers and products. These insights help you better serve your customers across all channels (retail stores, call center channels, online channels), on any device.

Win customer trust

Customers prefer personalized experiences. D365 Commerce helps you deliver experiences that can win customer’s trust. Offering tailored product selection, you can exceed customer expectations.

Provide endless purchasing options by giving customers access to full product catalog across all channels. With rich personalization, win your customer trust easily.

Digital Commerce

D365 Commerce comes with site builder which allows you to create e-commerce online stores to establish your products, pricing, payment methods, delivery modes, and other things that are part of online experience. Deliver quality web experiences to site visitors with efficient content strategies along with intelligent user-friendly capabilities. Also, manage assets, stock, promotions, and pricing across all channels through your e-commerce site.

Intelligent Commerce

D365 Commerce comes with AI-driven capabilities that allows you to scale your business capabilities.

For instance, you can cross-sell and up-sell products using AI-based recommendations which helps your customers to search and select products that they are looking for.  

Adaptive AI based Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection protects your business from fraud that affects your business reputation and increases revenue.

AI-driven context aware product search helps your customers search online and in-store easily.

Best customer experiences

Dynamics 365 Commerce elevates customer experiences. How?

Easy navigation through e-commerce site and the compelling product pages never prompts customers to abandon products they have selected.

Easily create AI-powered chatbots and embed them in your site to resolve common customer issues. When customers can find solutions themselves without waiting for human assistance, it improves customer experiences, satisfaction, and retention.

Easy customization

The good part of Dynamics 365 commerce is that it easily adapts to the changing market.

You can expand the application capabilities with the integration of Microsoft applications and third-party apps. For example, you can extend the financial capabilities with the integration of Dynamics 365 Finance.

Likewise, it supports traditional, new, and rising channels to help you adapt to the existing and emerging needs.

Commerce analytics

In-built analytics provides you intelligent insights across your business and customers. These insights can be embedded into your e-commerce systems.

Commerce analytics provides exceptional reports, dashboards, and KPI’s that utilizes insights from all your channels. So, you can get a complete overview of business performance. You can evaluate the performance of discount promotions, track web activities and user visits, compare customer purchases across all channels, and more.

As a comprehensive retail solution in the market now, D365 Commerce doesn’t let your hopes down.

Support for all channels, efficiently manage orders, customers, financials, and e-commerce site, merchandising your products and services, fraud protection, monitoring sales and analyzing trends, reporting and globalization, all are efficiently integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

All these makes D365 Commerce a perfect fit for your retail business

Now, all you need is the support of experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partners that are professionals in Dynamics 365 Consultation, customization, integration, support, and training.

Why LITS SERVICES for Dynamics 365 implementation?

  • Implementation: Our Dynamics 365 Commerce professionals help you choose effective licensing plan and deploy solution based on business needs


  • Customization: Customize D365 Commerce, if necessary, in line with your needs to efficiently manage your business.


  • Integration: Integrate the solution with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, other Dynamics 365 applications and third-party systems.


  • End-to-end support: Experienced and dedicated technical consultants are at your disposal to handle unexpected issues coming out of the solution and resolve customer queries.


  • Consulting: D365 Commerce consultants provide expert guidance regarding how retail solution benefits your business and improve business performance and growth.


  • Migration: Our certified Dynamics 365 consultants help you make a smooth transition from your legacy ERP system to Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Team up with the leading Dynamics 365 Consultants in UAE, other Middle East, Asian and African regions. 

Migrate today from your legacy ERP system to D365 Commerce with the help of Dynamics 365 experts.