HR plays a critical role in shaping the culture of an organization. Organizations now employ latest HR management system to efficiently manage their whole HR processes. From ensuring employee satisfaction to simplifying HR processes, an efficient HR system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources can make your workplace productive and vibrant.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a smart human resource management system from Microsoft that automates and streamline various HR processes related to your organization. It also enables HR professionals to manage tasks that are important to your organization. It includes employee recruitment and retention, employee benefit management, and more. When it comes to a modern HR solution that take make your workforce productive, D365 Human Resources is the best pick.

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How does the Dynamics 365 HR solution simplify the processes?

Dynamics 365 HR comes with advanced tools that empower employees and HR professionals. See how the solution can help you simplify HR processes.

Employee self-service option

In Dynamics 365 HR, employee self-service option is available to all employees. It allows them to access information they need via these self-service portals. They can view their attendance status, enter travel expenses and receipts, check the pending leaves, update bank details and so. The manager self-service feature allows managers to perform management tasks. With these self-service options, HR teams can reduce the time spend on these tasks, helping to improve productivity and efficiency.

Personnel management

Personnel management helps you to organize your workforce based on their department, job and position. Apart from creating departments, jobs and position, you can view and manage address changes, simplify employee entry, enter employee information, and more using personnel management workspace.


Task Management

Task management deals with the task of employee onboarding, termination and transfer. It works on the concept of checklist. Checklist consists of onboarding, termination and transfer details of employees. Task management uses checklist to unify tasks together and to assign them to HR teams. Checklists gives your teams the flexibility to complete the tasks in a simplified manner.

Employee Leave and absence

Dynamics 365 HR allows teams to configure leave and absence programs. Create workflow to manage employee leave and absence requests, assign employees to a leave plan, accrue leave and absence plans and more. Analytics feature in Dynamics 365 HR helps you to keep track of leave balances and usage of leave plans.

Employee Benefits

With Dynamics 365 HR you can create employee benefits, deductions and compensation plans as per the eligibility to attract and retain employees. You can configure options to provide extra benefits such as recreation programs, festival allowances and so. The application supports a range of employee benefit options. With the solution you can ensure the benefits reach the right employees and more.

Compensation management

Dynamics 365 HR simplifies compensation management plans through the creation of compensation structure and plans. This helps employees who are qualified for additional pay such as bonus payments, performance bonus, employee stock options and other grants. With the best compensation plan, you can motivate, attract and retain your employees

Employee Development

Performance management lets employees discuss about their performance with their manager. Managers can give feedback about their performance and guide to improve employee performance. Employees can gather information about your successful activities and create future activities or events that must be completed to help you achieve goal.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a complete HR solution that organizations can take advantage of to enhance employee experiences and HR processes. You can extend the capabilities through the latest technologies like self-service, mixed reality, and mobile options. You can connect your HR system with existing or third-party payroll software, LinkedIn, and talent management system. Besides this, you integrate D365 HR with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform and other Dynamics 365 apps.

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