Organizations need major transformation to become successful in the digital age.


To achieve its long-term business goals and business revenue, companies must lead the transformation with advanced technology solutions. ERP systems now have a central place among technology solutions that initiate a strong digital drive.

Business management solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have the power to transform your business fortune.

A solution designed for small and medium sized organizations, Business Central sets your enterprise up for long-term growth, helps you achieve competitive advantage, and maximizes revenue.

How can you buy and implement the solution for your business benefits? The best way to get the most out of ERP is to engage with leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation partners.

At LITS SERVICES, we know the scope of D365 Business Central and how we can provide effective implementation to meet your business goals.

Why Dynamics 365 Business Central?


D365 Business Central is a present-day enterprise solution that integrates advanced tools to streamline business operations, simplify processes and enhance growth.

ERP comes with features that serve as foundation for sustainable growth for small and medium-sized companies. This ensures long-term growth and helps you overcome challenges and meet goals.

It integrates finance, sales, supply chain, warehouse operations, manufacturing, customer service, and human resources on single platform.

Why LITS SERVICES as your Business Central Implementation partner?




LITS Services holds a legacy as an experienced and reliable D365 implementation partner in the UAE, boasting a good track record of accomplishment of successfully transforming various industries using Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions.

Our experienced technical consultants put their best efforts and knowledge into creating a solution that suits your business.

Tailored solutions


Business Central is the perfect solution for your market and customer needs today. Most of the time, no customization is required.

But our consultants go deep into your unique business requirements, understand your challenges and goals, and customize implementation tactics, so that the solution perfectly aligns with your business.

Seamless Migration


We facilitate a smooth data transition from your legacy software to Business Central, ensuring that your business operations remain operational until the migration is complete.

Throughout the implementation stage, we ensure that there are no disruptions to your workflows and business environment between the data migration phase and the implementation phase.

Comprehensive Support


We work closely with your departments at every stage for successful implementation. This ensures that you get full support for seamless business operations and data flow between departments.

Our support remains active not only during the implementation phase but also extends beyond post implementation.

User Training


Familiarity with the system is key to taking advantage of its features. We train users to simplify user adoption within your business environment so they can properly navigate and use features of Business Central for process advantage.


Our approach to implementing Business Central


At LITS SERVICES, we adopt a comprehensive approach for implementing Business Central. Focusing on long-term growth, we design and implement solutions that fit your business model and needs. Therefore, our implementation strategy is comprehensive and flexible. From business learning to continuous improvement, we cover several steps to deliver a successful solution. Here we go:

Business Analysis


The first step in implementation is business study.

We conduct a comprehensive study of your business processes and identify gaps. We speak with project managers and other decision makers to understand the challenges your business faces and the desired business goals.

It provides insights into designing and implementing an ideal business solution using the Business Central app. Our consultation team provides clear guidance on customization to design the right solution for your business.

Implementation strategy


An understanding of your business guides our team at this stage.

With the insights gained from the previous phase, we use a customized strategy in each stage of the D365 Business Central implementation. This strategy, tailored to your business needs, helps you reap the benefits of Business Central.

This customized strategy addresses the project’s scope, timeline, and budget required for successful implementation.

So, through a customized implementation approach, we set the path for long-term growth.



Setting up software that works with your business needs is crucial

Business Central can be configured within your business settings to work as effectively as you want. Depending on what your business demands, we customize the solution to ensure a smooth functioning of various business processes.

Proper customization makes the system easily adaptable to your business environment, enhancing employee efficiency, helping you tap into more opportunities and accelerating growth.



Testing is important in the implementation process

Prior to implementation, we test the system using sample business data to ensure that it generates the desired outcomes. We test system functionalities, customizations, user interfaces, and make certain that the system meets quality standards.

Go-live and Support


The final stage is to make the system live for use

After the testing phase, we officially launch the ERP for your business for regular use. Workloads have been successfully migrated, testing is done, and users are prepared to use the new ERP solution.

But our job is not done, we provide post implementation support to ensure Business Central works fine and meets your expectations. We also provide help to make any enhancements or configurations to further extend the capabilities.

Adopting Dynamics 365 Business Central with LITS SERVICES is a strategic move you take to drive business towards success. As an experienced Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Partner, we help you thrive in the ever-changing market, and outperform your competitors through proper deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central and other Microsoft solutions.

Adopt LITS SERVICES as your partner for Business Central implementation services and embark on the journey towards successful transformation.