Haven’t you embraced digital transformation in your business yet? If not, it is time now to adopt the right technology platform that drives transformation. Know how.

Digital transformation continues to provide enormous opportunities and enable organizations to thrive in the digital world. From retail to manufacturing, pharma to banking, we see far-reaching development across industries through digital transformation.

What does digital transformation mean for your business?

Digital transformation adds digital capabilities to your business processes, products, or services to enhance efficiency, automate, reduce costs and improve business bottom line. Moreover, transformation helps you create robust relationships with customers, increase sales conversions, and improve customer satisfaction.

How do you achieve digital transformation within your business?

By adopting digital technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft productive applications such as Microsoft 365, AI, Microsoft Power Platform etc.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft offers the capabilities and features to drive digital transformation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a productive suite of productive, intelligent, purpose-built, and adaptable business applications. All these applications are designed to easily manage your business operations thereby increasing productivity and growth.

Dynamics 365 is proactive in terms of transformation, be it improving relationships and sales, strengthening marketing, improving finances and operations, automating work processes or building custom business applications, all of which can be easily achieved using this platform.

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Why is Dynamics 365 a good fit for digital transformation?

Centralized data:

Applications in Dynamics 365 can be connected, meaning you can bring all your business data (customer data, financial data, relationship data and so) together in a centralized platform. This allows departments to use and share data to increase productivity.

For Instance; Customer data can be accessed by the sales team, marketing team or service team to enhance relationships and get more sales. Teams can use data that is relevant to their operation.

Dynamics 365 is great, isn’t it?

Customer engagement

Dynamics 365 allows your team to effectively collaborate with customers through their preferred channels, helping to strategically engage customers, improve sales efficiency, raise revenue, and increase customer trust.

Delight customers by resolving their problems quicker, deliver outstanding service using conversational intelligence, knowledge base and self-service tools (chatbots), and reduce service costs.

Unlock customer data, i.e., bring behavioral, transactional and demographic data together to get a complete view of customers. Use insights to create targeted marketing campaigns, target precisely with understanding of customer’s needs and desires, and deliver personalized customer engagements.

With efficient customer service, you can stay competitive in the digital space      

Seems easy to engage customers now?

Artificial intelligence

Dynamics 365 offers AI capabilities to accelerate digital transformation. How?

AI (artificial intelligence) provides guidance to sales teams to take the next best actions and give attention to high priority sales leads that are most likely to convert. This helps to close sales deals faster.

Quickly resolve customer issues by routing customer enquiries to the right customer service agent using AI. Improves customer satisfaction through first-call resolution.           

AI improves your financial decision making by improving business cash flow, predicting customer payments, and by making the budgeting process easy.

Enhance retail sales, improve buying experience, accelerate sales conversion, and simplify retail operations, all using AI capabilities. AI also enables you to streamline your supply chain activities.

No other solution offers better AI capabilities than Dynamics 365 does.

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Dynamics 365 integration capability is commendable

Applications in Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft tools. Integration allows users to use data from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 efficiently to increase work productivity

Microsoft Power Platform integration allows users to analyze data to gain insight using Power BI, automate business processes using Power Automate and create custom business apps using Power Apps.

Third-party app integration is also supported. Customers can choose the apps from Microsoft AppSource to extend capabilities of business operations.

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Dynamics 365 allows users to create workflows in the system to automate certain processes like sending emails, scheduling activities, certain financial processes and updating records.

However, Power Automate allows you to automate processes within your application and between other applications. Power Automate easily aligns with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft tools, which means that you can handle more jobs through automation.

Cloud benefits

When you opt to use the cloud-based version of Dynamics 365, you are entitled to receive Microsoft cloud benefits. It will benefit you in your digital transformation journey.

Benefits of Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365

  • Improved data collection and resource management
  • Enhance productivity
  • Helps you easily adapt to changing market environment
  • Stay ahead in the competition
  • Helps you make quicker decision on sales, finance, and operations
  • Greater financial returns

When you choose Dynamics 365 for end-to-end digital transformation, success is certain.  Microsoft Gold Partner, LITS SERVICES perfectly deploy Dynamics 365, make customizations and integrate with Microsoft productivity tools – all based on your business needs.

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