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An effective school management system is essential to serve the varying needs of a school. A well-defined system simplifies the day-to-day administrative & non-administrative tasks of a school. By automating routine tasks, the system accelerates productivity and saves a lot on cost and time. Once you have decided that your institution needs state-of-the-art management software, it is good to rely on the most trusted school management system provider in UAE.
LITS SERVICES offers the most advanced school management system that is designed to manage administrative and managerial activities in an institution. From keeping student attendance to library management to checking performance of students, management of admission to attendance and fee payment, our school management system delivers a proactive solution that is proven effective for performing many tasks.

Why is LITS SERVICES considered the most trusted school management system provider in UAE?

The reason we are the most trusted school management system provider in UAE is that we pay close attention to client’s needs, customize with necessary features, and provide solutions that cover most of their functionalities. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, the system is powered with features such as Data analysis, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and machine learning helping school management to make well-informed decisions and drive efficiency.
Our Microsoft experts make necessary changes in the system in a way that meets your institution’s diverse needs. Enriched with high-end security features the solution leaves no room for any security flaws. Your school can have complete control on the activities of administrators, teachers, and students. Moreover, your management can administer the activities from any part of the world and at any time.
The system can be effectively integrated with Dynamics 365 functionalities to cater the needs of schools. For example, the solution can be included with more Dynamics 365 applications to fulfill your requirements. For example, Dynamics 365 Human Resources to manage the workforce. Besides, the system provides a unified view of daily operations that helps to increase productivity of teachers and other staff and enable deeper collaboration between management and employees. The responsible staff can administer the activities from a powerful dashboard.

Some key features

 Library management: Seamless Library Management using name and ISBN codes of the titles. The school management system categorizes the entire titles and catalogues in an orderly manner.
 Student Profile: Monitor your students’ performance, attendance and fee payment. Keep individual student profile, grade, and Marks available online, attendance log of students.
 Connectivity: Parents-Teacher communications made easy. SMS facility allows teachers in charge and management to contact parents via mobile messages. Notify parents regarding upcoming events and meetings.
 Reports: Assess the performance of students, teacher, and office staff. AI-driven software generates reports with required statistics and diagrams. Get useful insights for better academic approach, teacher involvement and office performance.
 Finance: Integrate your entire accounting division with our School Management solution. It is integrated with tools to help you keep the accounts tallied.
 Resource management: Monitor the stock of stationary, office supplies and any resources within your institution. Automate resource procurement via stock monitoring. Monitor and Manage grocery procurement to school canteen.
 Go paper free: Eliminate paper works and make your move into digital solutions. You can generate online grade cards and reports. Results can be published online.
Our school management software is capable of handling admissions of students and teachers, certificate generations, and other tasks. Powered by intelligent Dynamics 365 features, the solution benefits parents, teachers, and the management alike. LITS SERVICES School Management System can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises and can be integrated with other ERP and CRM capabilities.

Achieve greater outcomes with the best School Management Software in UAE

LITS SERVICES provide you with the right solution that helps you automate and streamline routine tasks and make critical decisions. Besides, the solution provides greater transparency into your critical school activities. We customize and develop cost-effective and highly responsive School Management System in UAE using Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Our software offers seamless coordination, easy communication, anywhere and anytime access, comprehensive work collaboration, and state of the art security features and more.
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