Customer Service Remains Significant In Modern Business.

Today’s business requires a management system that is capable of efficiently managing its growing customers – a solution that provides a significant source of additional value by creating loyalty and customer retention. Since customer trust and revenue stands as important, an effective strategy must be in place to cater these vital business needs.

Business seriously needs to foster customer engagement and provide the best customer experiences to stay on top. With industry recognized CRM solution, you can earn new customers and keeps the existing relationship stronger than ever. Remember, an outstanding customer service is the basis of any enterprise, and as a growing business you can provide your customer service a modern facelift with “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service” solution.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer service is a productive application that helps you take informed decisions and proactively enhance customer satisfaction. “Dynamics 365 customer service” provides AI and analytics capabilities for more customer engagement and cross-channel content strategy that drive better relationships across points of contact. The productivity app from Microsoft assures a promising solution that empowers organizations to communicate with customers in a flexible way.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accelerate Customer Satisfaction?

Let’s look into the features that make Dynamics 365 a good customer management solution for your business.

Instant visibility: Instant visibility to insights enables immediate access to identify factors that affect customer satisfaction. This capability enables business to deliver a consistent interaction with customers and improve satisfaction levels.

AI capability: The AI capability helps you make data-driven decisions and resolve customer issues using self-service solutions like conversational IVR, real-time intelligent agent productivity tools. Importantly, regardless of the channel through which the customer conversation is taking place, your agent experience remains the same, resulting in highly personalized customer experience and better outcomes.

Personalize service: Dynamics 365 customer service is efficient at delivering value at every point of interaction, thus helping agents to get personalized interaction experience with customers. With customer insight tools you can anticipate your customer needs in a better way and the agents can get a complete view of the customer’s profile in real-time.

Seamless interaction: The platform ensures customers receive a unified experience. The best part is that the agents can interact with customers through various channels including the voice chat, SMS, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp chat, WeChat and more from a unified desktop interface. The platform offers self portals where the customers can access to knowledge articles, AI powered chatbots to quickly resolve issues thus saving time for your customers and employees.

Empower your teams: Dynamics 365 customer service drives your customer engagement with enhanced productivity tools. The tools provide the capability to streamline agent performance and proper interaction with the customers bringing productivity to your business. Each customer issue is properly routed to the right agent who is best equipped to resolve the case thus reducing the customer time to resolution.

Operational efficiency: AI capability accelerates operational efficiency through multiple features. It helps your agents to answer fast to customers through AI powered suggestions. It also uses the insights reporting to recognize the key trends to enhance customer support and steer conversations towards a positive response.

Many leading companies are using Dynamics 365 customer service for enhancing customer relationships and engagement. If you are longing to take your business to the next level, get Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer services with the leading Microsoft solution provider.

“Gartner” Analysis about Dynamics 365

Gartner, a world leader in global research and advisory firm employ Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate the administrative management of sales, the exploration of new opportunities and to improve the quality of service. Dynamics 365 provided the CRM strategy that helps Gartner to succeed in fostering relationships with potential and existing customers. According to Gartner, the CRM strategy enhanced decision making, process agility, cost management, revenue growth and other factors that was essential to the growth.

Be ready to provide your customer service a modern facelift

As a recognized Microsoft Gold partner, LITS services provide end to end solutions using Dynamics 365 customer service for support, long-lasting relationships and engagement. Combining business intelligence and analytics tools under one application and focusing on integrating all critical functions, LITS services is uniquely positioned to create operational excellence and improve business processes for its customers across Middle East and African region.