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School Management System

Academic institutions looking for intelligent and resource rich administration shall look no further. Empower your educators, student and office employees with our comprehensive School Management solution.


Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Our School Management solution is built upon native Microsoft Dynamics application namely Dynamics Business Central which helps you to administrate your educational institution anytime anywhere.

“Innovative School Management solutions based on robust architecture immaculately designed by LITS.”

Why adopt a School Management solution?

Take control over your institution with 360° view of your entire day to day operations, by acquiring a School Management you are stepping into a digital world with endless capabilities.

  • Increase the productivity of your teachers and other employees.
  • Deeper collaboration between management and employees.
  • Bridging the gaps and eliminating mundane tasks.


Automation and streamlining

School Management solution is a gateway towards revamping your academic institutions traditionally followed processes which consumes a lot of productive time of your teachers and employees.

  • Automated Timetable generation
  • Common dashboard and built in communications solutions involving – Chat, commenting or additional integration of video/voice calls capabilities increases collaboration between teachers, office staffs and management.

 Centralised Database

Our solutions can be deployed On-Premise or in Cloud. LITS provide the infrastructure, technical guidelines and continued support for On-Premise solution and your local servers.

  • Cloud deployment utilizing Azure cloud platform from Microsoft is a powerful environment in which your data can be hosted and accessed securely.
  • 100% Data privacy and Data redundancy is assured.
  • Cloud platform gives added benefit of AI and related services from Microsoft.


Library Management.

“Effortless Library Management utilizing name and ISBN codes of the titles.”

“Digital catalogue for your entire library.”

  • Library management solution categorises the entire titles and catalogues it into a orderly manner.
  • Provides interface for book lending and inventory.


Student Profile

“Monitor your students performance, attendance and fee payment using our School Management Solution.”

  • Individual Student profile.
  • Attendance log of students.
  • Grade and Marks available online.
  • Fee payments.



“Parents-Teachers communications made easy.”

  • SMS facility is integrated which allows teachers in charge and management to contact parents via mobile messages.
  • Notify parents regarding upcoming events and meetings.



“Assess the performance of your students, teachers and office staffs.”

  • Powerful AI backed software to make report generation an easy task.
  1. Generate the reports with required statistics and diagrams.
  2. Fully automated generation.
  3. Analyse the generated reports and get useful insights regarding various performance indicators for better academic approach, teacher involvement and office performance.


Finance and Operations.




“Integrate your entire accounting division with our School Management solution built upon Microsoft Dynamics Business Central which have a rich cache of accounting tools to help you keep the accounts tallied.”

  • Accounts ledger
  • Payroll generation
  • Fee payments




“The time and hard work required  keep up the high standards of an educational institution is nonetheless inferior to operations of an well structured MNC.”

  • Teacher-Employee attendance system.
  • Leave request-approvals.
  • Generate performance reports.
  • Certificate generation.
  • Office 365 integration.


Resource Management


Monitor the stock of stationary, office supplies and any resources within your institution.

  • Automate resource procurement via stock monitoring.
  • Monitor and Manage grocery procurement to school canteen.

Go paper free

“Educational institutions can take pioneering steps by moving to a sustainable platform which utilizes lesser natural resources.”

  • Eliminate paper works and make your move into digital solutions.
  • Generate online grade cards and reports.
  • Online Result publication.
  • Mobile notifications for parents.


“ Our school management system is capable of handling student enrolments, teacher appointments, certificate generations  mark sheets and several other tasks to help you build a world class institution.”

School Management vertical solution

“ Our innovative software architecture powered by Microsoft dynamics product suite is robustly built solution that benefits students, parents, educators and management alike.”

  • Cloud or On-premise deployment
  • Additional integration with other ERP and CRM solutions.
  • Access and Control the operations from anywhere in the world.
  • Built in AI for Superior insights about student performance.
  • On board social media by integrating additional components to make cross department and management interactions easier.
  • Resource management.